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Friday 25th Nov 2016 - The Jericho Tavern, Oxford

We had an amazing time last night at the Jericho Tavern playing the Oxford City Festival!
Thanks to Ash LewisCora Pearl, The Other Dramas and Crystallite for your awesome sets, to Umair for the fantastic sound, and to all of you who came along and made the vibe so warm.

Sunday 13th Nov 2016 - Oakford Social Club, Reading

Back to Reading to play at The Oakford Social Club for Rock Revolution Records Music Sundays. It was great to play and make some new musical friends.

Brilliant performances from Liza Bec, Will Purdue and EZRA OLD SOULS.

Friday 4th Nov 2016 - Como Lounge, Witney

Our debut performance in Witney at the Como Lounge. Fantastic night. Thank you to What The Fox Music.

Badass Snow White Album Launch

Friday 28th Oct 2016 - University College Chapel, Oxford

It was an honor to support my talented friend Laura Theis for her album launch Badass Snow White.

Saturday 15th Oct 2016 - Fusion Arts Centre, Oxford

Oxjam Oxford Takeover thank you so much for having us at Fusion Arts Centre today!!

RRR Live Music Sundays

Sunday 25th Sept 2016 - RISC, Global Café, Reading

Our first gig in Reading. Thank you RRR and RISC, Global Cafe Reading, for such a warm welcome and a lovely evening.

Sunday 18th Sept 2016 - The Bullingdon, Oxford

It was amazing to support Khamsina at their album launch on Sunday night! Such a lovely crowd, thank you all for a wonderful evening.

Saturday 27th Aug 2016 - The Wheatsheaf, Oxford

Thank you so much to Gappy Tooth for putting us on last night! We had an incredible time on stage, and loved hearing The Quentins and Blushes. Thank you to everyone who shared the musical moments with us.

Jack and I are so proud to be taking up the musical torch and following in Danny's footsteps. Thank you to everyone who supports us along the way, it means more than you can know .

 It's good to note the musical genes surfacing in Rose Segal and brother Jack, also here playing double base, seeing as they are the offspring of the late, great Oxfordshire bluesman Danny Segal from the Mojo Bones.

Rose tenders a more English drawing room pop with her octave-vaulting trill, reminiscent of an All About Eve 'Martha Harbour' folk-gothic or Judie Tzuke in captivating 'All The Colours', while the upbeat tropic swing of 'Torrent or Shower' is ear-catching coda to an ever improving set.

Paul Carrera - Nightshift Magazine

The Jericho Tavern, Oxford

Saturday 13th Aug 2016 - The Jerhico Tavern, Oxford

We had a great time at the Jericho Tavern last night! Thanks for having us, and to Jing'Oranj, The Outside and Kuiper for your awesome sets.

Tuesday 26th July 2016 - St. Aldates Tavern, Oxford

Thanks to Mark Osprey O'Brien for having us in session tonight! 

It was great to take the double bass out and play an acoustic set, alongside the brilliant Tom Ivey, Mark Cope and Andre Chaves.

Sunday 24th July 2016

Here it is! A studio recording of my song All The Colours! I hope you enjoy...

Huge thanks to Jon Wright and John Gridley for making this recording possible.

Friday 22th July 2016 - The O2 Academy, Oxford

It was just amazing to play at the O2 Academy in Oxford last night - and to introduce to you our new guitarist, Chico!

Thanks to Out Of The Village, The Other Dramas, The Deadbeat Apostles and the headliners Callow Saints for your fantastic performances :-) 

And *thank you* so much to everyone who came and supported us, your presence means so much.

Ophelia Video Released

Friday 8th July 2016

I am so excited to share with you my song "Ophelia" arranged by Tom Proctor and sung by ourselves with the Oxford Singers. Thank you to Foxglove Productions for the beautiful video. I hope you all enjoy!

Nearly a year ago, Rose joined Oxford Singers and offered us the chance to do one of her songs as an original for the choir.

I had great fun working with her in arranging it for SATB [Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass] and adapting it for a different setting, and we first performed the arrangement in a concert back in March.

A few months later, and we've recorded it as a fully edited video, courtesy of the team at Foxglove Productions.

Thank you all for getting involved and being so enthusiastic, and thank you Rose for writing this and taking us along for the ride!

- Tom Proctor

From left: Tom Proctor, Kelly van Eerde, Freya Bower, Leeanda Chadfield, Rose Segal, Eve Crookenden-Johnson, Lyndsey Pickup, Chico Camargo, Nat Daves and Haden Spence.

In The Studio - Final Touches

Wednesday 29th June 2016

John Wright and I have been back in the studio putting the fnal touches on on All The Colours.

It will be coming to your ears very soon. I can't wait to share it with you all!

Friday 17th Jun 2016 - The Bullingdon, Oxford

It was so awesome to play our first gig at The Bullingdon (Oxford) last night! Thanks for having us! And to Luke Almond, Ocean Ruins, Dear Hero and Club Soda for your wonderful performances.

Ophelia Music Video

Monday 6th Jun 2016 - Brasenose Chapel

Last night the Oxford Singers and I were shooting a video of Ophelia, with the awesome Foxglove Productions!

Thank you to Foxglove Productions for these photos, and for a fantastic evening of filming fun. I can't wait to see the results!

Klub Kakofanney

Friday 3rd Jun 2016 - The Wheatsheaf, Oxford

Second reason to be buzzing all Saturday... We had an incredible time on stage at Klub Kakofanney last night!! Awesome crowd to play to, and so much fun dancing to the other bands. Thanks Sue and Phil for putting us on, and to you lovely friends and family for supporting us.

BBC Music Day

Friday 3rd Jun 2016 - Bonn Square, Oxford

Buzzing from today! First we played for BBC Music Day, here's some photo evidence from their website!

BBC Music Day

In The Studio!

Monday 23rd May 2016

Arranging 'All the colors' with Jon Wright.

I have been back in the studio again working on 'All the colors' with Jon Wright. I hope to share it with you all soon!

It's All About The Music

Thursday 19th May 2016 - The Jericho Tavern, Oxford

Last night I was told how many bands have gone before us on this stage. But most importantly, I was following in the footsteps of my dad, Danny Segal.

Thanks for having us, Jericho Tavern! Thanks to Jon Wright for playing ALL the instruments, and to everyone who came along!

Live at The Jerhico Tavern, Oxford

Ophelia with The Oxford Singers

Wednesday 12th May 2016

Here it is! My song Ophelia, performed with the Oxford Singers!
Thanks so much to Tom Proctor for the arrangement, and to the Oxford Singers for being up for learning this... and for singing it with me. It was a magical tingly experience.

Ophelia performed by Rose and The Oxford Singers

Tom Proctor and Rose

In The Studio!

Tuesday 19th Apr 2016 

We had an awesome time in the studio last night! I learned a lot from the experience... like not to leave the pretzels in the drum room with John. Look out for the new track's release on soon!

Thanks Jon Wright and John Gridley as usual, for your time and musicling skills.

In the studio with Jon Wright and John Gridley.

IAATM Presents Let The Lady Sing

Wednesday 30th Mar 2016 - The Wheatsheaf, Oxford

Live at The Wheatsheaf, Oxford.

Jon, John and I had *ThE bEsT TiMe* playing at The Wheatsheaf last night! Thank you so much to everyone who joined us, and welcomed our tunes to your ears, and smiled as they arrived.

Klub Kakofanney

Sunday 13th Mar 2016 - The Wheatsheaf, Oxford

Had such a great time playing with Jack Segal and John Gridley at The Wheatsheaf this afternoon!
Thanks Klub Kakofanney for having us, and thanks to everyone who joined us for your ears and smiles!

Live at The Wheatsheaf, Oxford.

Acoustic Thursdays

Thursday 3rd Mar 2016 - Jude the Obscure, Oxford

Jon Wright, Rose and John Gridley at Jude the Obscure, Oxford.

Lovely gig on Thursday with these amazing muiscians - Jon Wright and John Gridley. Thanks Acoustic Thursdays for having us!

Harcourt Arms Band Night

Saturday 13th Feb 2016 - The Harcourt Arms, Oxford

Had so much fun playing our first gig (and first headline slot!) At the The Harcourt Arms band night last night! Beautiful opening set from Luke Keegan and a great performance from mystery act The Harcourt Collective. Thanks to Baboom for putting us on and to everyone who came along.

Our first gig. Live at The Harcourt Arms, Oxford.

Phaser Magazine's Reverberate open mic night

Monday 25th Jan 2016 - Oxford

Live acoustic performance at Phaser Magazne's Reverberate.

Thank you PHASER for a fantastic first open mic night - Reverberate was filled with brilliant performances!