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All The Colours - Official Video Released

Friday 1st February

EP Launch

Saturday 15th December - Shaken Oak Studios

By 7pm on Saturday 15th December the stage was set at Shaken Oak Studios. The gift bags were filled with EP’s and merch, the fairy lights were lit and our guests started to arrive. Before long the studio was packed, with far more people than I ever expected to battle through a wet December evening to see us! We started the night with a sublime set from Laura Theis and her gorgeous songs about magical creatures and characters, and then all enjoyed the delicious vegan food put on by the Shaken Oak folk. Then it was time for the band and I to take to the stage.

It was just a wonderful feeling to play live, in the same space that we’d had such a powerfully creative experience back in the spring, with Arthur on sound doing his usual wizardry. My friend and soul sister Eve Goodman joined us with harmonies for one song which was spine-tingling. It was also special that my baby was there too, tucked inside my 7-month bump but still a part of the occasion! Singing at the launch gig I felt embodied, joyful, and above all grateful to be sharing this unique space and our music with our friends and family. The entire evening would have meant the world to my late father Danny, and he was definitely there in spirit.

After we’d played, the craziness kicked off. I brought out the UV paint and everyone got stuck in, painting each other – it felt very tribal! When everyone was looking suitably colourful we locked down all the lights except the UV ones, and Arthur started DJ-ing some awesome tunes for us to dance to. The idea of all this was to make a music video for the song All The Colours, and Spencer Anderson was in our midst capturing footage. I expected people to ‘pretend’ to dance for the camera, but the lights and colours and Arthur’s music were a powerful cocktail and this quickly became a party in full swing. The most surreal moment of the whole evening was when Arthur put on All The Colours itself and we just all hit the roof. I didn’t get to bed before 4am.

But don’t take my word for it! Look out for the video in the next few weeks. Huge of thanks to Spencer at Skynight Productions for capturing a very special evening, and to Arthur Young for the venue, sound and bravely letting so much face paint into his studio! And to everyone who was there and sang, painted, listened, danced, and made it a night to remember.

BBC Introducing Oxford

Saturday 8th December - BBC Introducing Oxford

Ahead of launching the EP, I was invited by BBC Introducing in Oxford to go into the studio for an interview before a first spin of one of the tracks. It would be my first time in a radio studio and I was a bit nervous from not knowing what to expect, but excited to be involved with BBC Introducing. Producer Liz rescued us from the rain outside and took us in to meet Dave Gilyeat; they both gave us a warm welcome and showed us into a studio. I felt at home straight away because of the soft red lighting in there! It was fun chatting to Dave about the Rollright Stones, the artwork for the EP, and the song itself that they’d chosen to play – Butterflies. Listening back to the show later, it was magical to hear Butterflies take wing on air and I’m very grateful to BBC Introducing Oxford for the opportunity to share the music with a wider audience.

EP Launch - Date Set

Monday 5th November - Shaken Oak Studios

We couldn't have found a more magical place to record the EP than Shaken Oak Studios, there is truly something special in the air there.

So I'm incredibly excited to announce that Arthur and Klaus are welcoming us back for the launch gig itself, on Saturday 15th December!

We will be providing a Live Stream of the event for all our friends who are unable to travel and for everyone who would like to join us on the night.

Bring to Light EP Teaser Trailer

Friday 26th October

A very different kind of creative space

Thursday 18th October - Some Magical Place

I spent the summer in a very different kind of creative space, growing life and limb of a baby due in March 2019!

I was a hermit in the summer heat, feeling very unwell with the pregnancy and also confused about how music and motherhood might fit together. But now with the turn of the seasons and morning sickness behind me, I'm feeling excited and empowered again. I heard the final mixes of the EP today and the baby kicked in response to them. Lots of music news is coming soon!

Riverside Festival

Saturday 28th July @ 18:00 - The Riverside Festival, Charlbury


The heatwave broke over Riverside Festival, but the crowd there just made the most of the chance to do their rain dances! We had such an attentive audience in the Fringe Tent for our set, and I think it's fair to say that we all loved every minute of it.

The Rollright Fayre

Saturday 7th July @ 15:00 - The Rollright Fayre, Rollright Stones


The Rollright Fayre takes place opposite the ancient Rollright Stones near to my home village, so it was such a pleasure to support a local event! We had a warm welcome and lovely crowd even though our slot coincided with England playing in the World Cup... and for this gig we were joined on stage by none other than my very own husband Dave Austin on percussion.  So many interesting bands to see and a thoroughly awesome event, thank you for having us!

RRR: Live Music Friday

Friday 30th March @ 20:00 - The Fisherman's Cottage, Reading

On Good Friday we swam through the interlinking puddles of Oxfordshire and Berkshire, to headline at The Fishermans Cottage in Reading.

They served us amazing food and it felt really good to play the songs in full, after all the work we've done in the studio! Big thanks to the wonderfully appreciative audience.

Tigmus: Friday Night Live at The Mad Hatter

Friday 9th February @ 19:00 - The Mad Hatter, Oxford

This was Tigmus's first installment of Friday Night Live at the Mad Hatter of 2018 and our first time playing this wonderful venue.

The Mad Hatter is an Alice in Wonderland Tea Party themed venue in Oxford with the Staff all in costume, and you can join in the fun and sport one of the many hats dotted around the room, if it suits.

We were delighted to play on the same bill as Ben Avison who was accompanied by Robin Christensen-Marriott (CatGod) on Bass, and all the way from Bristol the wonderful Harry & The Gondolas with their energetic folk vibes.

It was a pleasure to play and to be surrounded by many of our friends and the smiles of strangers.