Debut EP - Bring to Light 

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All The Colours - Official Video

Videos and Demos

For just over a year I sang with the Oxford Singers, a wonderfully friendly choir who kindly agreed to sing a choral arrangement of my song Ophelia. The formidably talented Tom Proctor arranged it and here is the video of us performing it with the Small Ensemble in Lincoln College Chapel.

"Ophelia" with the Oxford Singers.

"Ophelia" performed with the Oxford Singers arranged by Tom Proctor. Video Produced by Foxglove Productions.

Silence [Khalid and Marshmello] cover

Studio recording performed by Rose Segal (vocals).

Closed Eye Lullaby

Studio recording performed by Rose Segal (lead vocals and guitar), Jack Segal (double bass and vocals) and Jamie Langford (drums). Written by Rose Segal.

Torrent Or Shower

Performed by Rose Segal (vocals and rain stick) and Danny Segal (guitar and shakey egg). Written by Rose Segal.