Bring to Light - Debut EP Launch

Streaming LIVE from Shaken Oak Studios - 15th December 2018

The full band will be performing live at the beautiful Shaken Oak Studios for our friends, family and guests. We also wish to to invite you, to share with you our ethereal indie music, expressing an an inner world filled with light and colour - join us on the night via our
Facebook Live Stream!

We will also be supported with an opening set from our friend and talented musician Laura Theis.

Listen to Laura Theis' first Solo Album
Badass Snow White on BBC Music

- Rose Segal

Laura Theis

Laura Theis is an Oxford based writer, singer and songwriter whose music takes you to a magical land of fairytale stories. Inspired by heroines like Fiona Apple and Regina Spektor, Laura likes to write and sing about badass women, magic, monsters and mermaids. In the words of Dave Gilyeat from BBC Introducing in Oxford, her music is "like it's been taken out of some dark musical or played in the court of some sinister king or queen..."

She released her first solo album Badass Snow White in 2016, and I supported her very atmospheric album launch, so we're extremely happy that she is willing to complete the symmetry and play an opening set at our EP launch!

Badass Snow White on BBC Music

Laura Theis on Facebook