Rose Segal - Bring to Light (Debut EP)

Bring to Light - Track List

All The Colours




Bring to Light - The Making Of

In the Studio

Shaken Oak Studios is a unique space run by producer and sound engineer Arthur Young. The studio itself is the barn part of a farmhouse, filled with quirky instruments and objects from all over the world. To myself and the other band members it felt like home from home, and it was an honour to have the opportunity to record there and collaborate with the talents of Arthur. Not to mention the warm welcome we had from the log fire and in-house cats, Raul and Klaus!


Arthur kindly invited me back at various points in the mixing process to listen and give my input. This inevitably resulted in me adding a few extra little harmonies on the side, for which I still owe him cake!

Hearing the songs evolve throughout this phase of the EP journey taught me so many more depths of listening. I felt as though my ears were learning to paint, backwards. I’m so grateful for Arthur’s patience, and his ability to understand my very bizarre descriptions of what abstract feel or concept I was hoping to capture. I never quite resorted to the medium of dance but it often came close! Arthur’s inspired moments with effects are absolute highlights in the songs for me.

Filming Butterflies

This was one of those ideas that started as a far-distant ‘wouldn’t it be amazing if…’ and quite unbelievably came true!

Dancing is a shared passion of mine and my husband Dave’s – in fact, its how we first met. In June we choreographed a partner dance to the song Butterflies and arranged for Spencer Anderson of Skynight Productions to make a video of us performing. We then also collaborated with talented face painter Lynn Speers from Fey Faces, who would paint butterfly body art on us throughout the filming process. And to top it all off we decided to film this video at dusk and night, in a location deep in Wychwood Forest.

I forgot just how dark nights are in forests! And as we were recording in midsummer, night doesn’t really put in an appearance until after 10.30 pm. I’m so so lucky to have found people to collaborate with who were happy to watch us dance through to midnight and beyond. Lynn had to contend with painting by torchlight in the rain, whilst being bombarded by the hundreds of moths attracted to our lights. It was a truly surreal experience but 100% as magical as it was mad.

The completed video for Butterflies will be released in Spring 2019.


As you can probably tell I love to take any opportunity to get covered in paint. Having already discovered the beautiful art of Fey Faces I was keen to use face paint or body art again for the EP cover art. Then Dave and I went to a UV themed dance freestyle and painted each other with UV paint, and when I saw the effects of it under the lights, the EP art fell into place in my mind. With the EP title being Bring to Light, it seemed perfect to combine lighting effects with body art to create the front cover.

Lynn of Fey Faces was once again game for a creative adventure, and recommended an award-winning professional photographer friend Cat Stephens, who was happy to attempt this bizarre project – and to allow a large quantity of facepaint into her studio! First my whole back had to be painted black, including my arms and even the soles of my feet. Then Lynn created an amazing nebulous galaxy effect, spreading the colours into my hair too. The finishing touch is the flower shaped swirl, my logo, all cleverly lit with UV lighting.

It took a lot of showers to get all of that paint off, and I was stained a bit dusky for few days! None of us were sure how the pictures would turn out as it was such an experiment. But thanks to the photography skills of Cat Stephens and the artistry of Lynn, the final artwork has surpassed my hopes. It captures beautifully the ethereal nature of the music, and echoes the name and themes of the EP.