Rose Segal sings to share with you an inner world filled with light and colour. She was raised in Oxfordshire on reggae and blues, and went on to learn classical flute and violin. Rose began to write and sing her own music when given a guitar as a 21st birthday present, by her musical father, four years ago. She began performing in Oxford in January 2016, playing with her band at venues such as The Wheatsheaf, The Jericho Tavern, The Bullingdon and the O2 Academy.

Using the voices of everyone in the band to resonate with her own, over powerful bass and compelling beats, Rose's music is acoustic yet intense, with melodies both ethereal and uplifting. The lyrics are poetic, and at times otherworldly. Her debut EP, Bring to Light, was recorded at Shaken Oak Studios in March 2018 and will be released on Saturday 15th December 2018.

I wish for a voice
as clear as a quivering chime piercing
iridescent through the air. As the eerie, brittle shimmer
of a wet finger tracing
the rim of a glass.
Pure as frost, diamond hard,
that shines through your eyelids and lingers,
long after the note
and the breath
are gone."

- Rose Segal

It's good to note
the musical genes surfacing in Rose Segal and brother Jack, also here playing double bass, seeing as they are the offspring of the late, great Oxfordshire bluesman Danny Segal from the Mojo Bones.

Rose tenders a more English drawing room pop with her octave-vaulting trill, reminiscent of an All About Eve 'Martha Harbour' folk-gothic or Judie Tzuke in captivating 'All The Colours', while the upbeat tropic swing of 'Torrent or Shower' is ear-catching coda to an ever improving set."

Rose Segal's music
is intense and uplifting melodic acoustic, using the voices of the band to resonate with her own, backed by powerful bass and compelling beats."

- Alan D - Klub Kakofanny